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Posts, Brackets & Hardware

Stay Safe Traffic Products offers all components for a complete and compliant installation


U-Channel Post:

8', 10', 12' lengths with a gauge of 2 #/lf. Available in green and galvanized.  Lap-splice post systems are also available with the 3’ anchor post and accompanying breakaway connecting hardware.


Round Post:

10' and 12' lengths with a 2-3/8 O.D. schedule 5 (.064 thickness) galvanized; Schedule 40 pipe is also available.


Square Post:

1.75", 2.0", 2.25" top post in 10’ and 12’ lengths with accompanying 4’ stub post (.25” wider than the top post) and equivalent connecting hardware.

steel delineator.jpg

Delineator Posts:

Available in the 1.12#/lf galvanized steel u-channel, or in flexible material.  Available from 3’ to 6’.  Flexible posts are available with surface mount or sub-surface mount.



Whether a cap bracket to fit the post, or a cantilever wing bracket for a utility pole, we have them ready to ship. 

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Although no such thing as vandal-proof, we do carry vandal-resistant hardware. One-Way and Carriage bolts with Break-Away nuts assist greatly to keeping your signs in place.

Not sure of the specifics for your town/city requirements?


Stay Safe Traffic Products can find out for you.

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