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Work Zone Signs & Equipment

Stay Safe Traffic Products provides traffic control signs and equipment necessary for a safe Work Zone for all road users and road crews

Road work ahead traffic sign_edited.jpg

Warning signs, drums, cones, electronic message boards, and other channelizing devices are all essential elements of SAFE traffic control through all parts of the Work Zone.  Every road user relies on clear, positive messaging and guidance; so, each of the five segments of your Work Zone, including Advanced Warning, Transition, Buffer Space, Work Area, and Termination Area, needs to be considered and properly planned from the perspective of the road users, and not just the work crew.  Make sure your Work Zones are set up correctly and are in full compliance with federal, state and local requirements.

Road Flagger and Work Zone Safety Training


Safety in the Work Zone is a priority for all workers and road users alike.  Stay Safe Traffic Products' President, Catherine Schoenenberger has been teaching work zone safety since 1998.  As a Certified Training Instructor through the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Catherine offers both Road Flagger Certification and Work Zone Safety courses.  To become a Certified Road Flagger involves a half day of instruction and practical demonstration.  Standard Work Zone Safety training classes can be customized to fit your agency or company's schedule.

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