Traffic Control and Street Name Signs

Stay Safe Traffic Products is a Value-Added Provider of Regulatory, Warning and Guide signs

Traffic Control Signs:

There are 3 basic categories of signs: Regulatory, Warning and Guide. Each has specific shapes and colors that allow the road user to recognize their meaning sooner. 

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Enforce legal requirements if ignored or not obeyed.



Alert drivers to specific hazards or special areas, including schools, pedestrian traffic, and temporary traffic control / work zones


Provide the road users with information and guidance, such as route and distance markers, area attractions, recreational and handicapped facilities

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Street Name Signs:  

Since 2012, all streets with posted speed limits of 30 mph or greater, shall comply with the new letter height and reflectivity requirements put forth by the MUTCD. (MUTCD Section 2D.43) 

The only acceptable alternative background colors for Street Name signs shall be blue, brown, or white. Regardless of what the color is used as the background color, the legend (and border, if used) shall be white. For Street Name signs that use a white background, the legend (and border, if used) shall be black.

  • Extruded: .091 aluminum with a "lip" top and bottom.  6" height (less than 30 mph), 9" height (greater than 30 mph)

  • Flat: 080 aluminum.  Heights may vary in accordance with design/layout.

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